Tips For New Coin Collectors

Collecting coins can be an extremely satisfying hobby. However, it can take a considerable investment to build a coin collection, which makes it essential for you to properly store these items to avoid them suffering damage. Sadly, it can be a common problem for new coin collectors to be unsure of the correct storage steps for these items. To help you avoid some novice storage errors, you will want to be mindful of these simple tips.

Have Appropriate Containers For Your Coins

One of the most important things that you can do to protect your coin collection is to ensure that each coin is in an appropriate container. When choosing containers, you may want to have a couple of different types. For your particularly rare or valuable coins, you should place them in separate coin holder boxes, but you may want to opt for a more affordable coin binder for you more common pieces as it will be the more economical and efficient option.

Keep The Humidity Low

A major threat to your coins will be moisture damage. Over time, prolonged exposure to moisture can cause the coins to become discolored and corroded. As a result, you should make it a priority to minimize the risk of this damage occurring. While you may think that this will require complicated and expensive devices, such as dehumidifiers, this is not the case as silica gel packets can be a very effective solution for lowering the humidity. By placing these packets in the vicinity of where you store the coins, you can keep the humidity as low as possible.

Avoid Touching The Coins With Your Bare Hands

Handling your coins may be essential for showing them off and cleaning them. However, you will need to avoid letting your bare hand come into direct contact with the coins. It may not seem like this could cause damage, but your hands have small amounts of oil on them. This oil can get on the coins, which can contribute to them becoming dirty, discolored, and more prone to corroding. Due to these potentially serious threats, you should always wear gloves when you must handle your coins.

Caring for your coin collection is important for making sure that your investment in these pieces is protected. However, new coin collectors can make some common mistakes that will greatly enhance the risk of their coins suffering damages. Making sure to use the appropriate storage containers, keeping the humidity low and always wearing gloves when handling your coins will help you to avoid some routine sources of damage. For more information or advice, contact companies like Beaverton Coin & Currency.