FAQ About Getting Out Of Jail With Help From A Bail Bonds Company

Are you feeling down because you are locked behind bars for the first time in your life? As a first time offender, it is likely that you will be able to get out on bail, depending on your offense. You will have the option of a bail bonds company paying the money on your behalf if you can't afford it. In this article, you will find the answers to some of the questions that might be on your mind concerning getting bailed out of jail.

How Does a Bail Bonds Company Work?

Basically, a bail bonds company will loan you the amount of money that is required to bail out of jail. However, you will be required to pay the company a premium for their service, which is typically at least 10 percent or more of what your bail amount is. The bail bonds company will likely require something of value to be used as collateral. You can ask a friend or relative to act as a cosigner for your bail bonds application to make the process easier. Just make sure that you pay the money back so the debt won't fall on the person acting as your cosigner.

When Will the Bail Amount Be Set?

The bail amount will be set depending on what type of crime you are being booked for. If you are being locked up for a minor crime that is only considered a misdemeanor, you might be offered a bail amount right after getting booked. However, if you are not offered a bail amount after booking, you will have to remain in jail until you are transported to the courthouse to attend a hearing. Whether or not you are granted a bail amount after going to court will be left up to a judge. It is also possible that you will be released without having to pay bail after attending the hearing.

Are There Any Rules to Follow After Getting Bailed Out?

You will have to attend a court trial for your offense after getting bailed out of jail, which means that you should stay in town. Keep in mind that the bail bonds company will attempt to find you if you don't show up in court. The judge will also notify law enforcement agencies that you didn't show up to court by issuing a bench warrant for your arrest. Contact a bail bonds company like A A ABBA Bail Bonds as soon as you need their assistance.