3 Ways To Send Money To Mexico

If you need to send money to a friend or relative in Mexico, your first thought may be how best to go about it. What are the methods most people use to get money from the United States to Mexico? How much does it cost and how safe is it? The following are among the most common ways to safely get money across the border.

Bank transfers

This is likely the most convenient method for someone living in America. It is also something that can usually be done online. However, not every bank provides international transfers, but most of the large banks will offer the service to Mexico. The person receiving the money will need to have a bank account the accepts transfers from your bank. Fees for this service will vary from one bank to another, but this is one of the safest ways to transfer money across the border.

Wire transfer

Also called counter to counter, this type of transfer has been around since the days of the telegraph. A company that provides this type of service will accept your money, plus a fee, and send it to the recipient and location you specify. The person receiving the money will need to show their identification, and then they will be paid the funds in cash. This is a fast way to transfer money, but there is the risk of theft because the recipient will be carrying the cash they just received.

Online payment services

This is a new and rapidly growing way to send money to Mexico and other international locations. You can initiate a money transfer online from your computer from your payment services account. You have the option of sending this money to a bank account in Mexico or have the money picked up in person at a variety of locations. This method combines elements of both the bank transfer and the wire transfer. Because this type of business was originally developed to make online payments, it can also be used to pay a person's bills in Mexico. All you need is the company name and the account number. Click here for more information about this service.

Transferring money to Mexico is easier than ever, and there are more options available than before. All three of the services listed above have a fee associated with them, but they are all safer than using the mail. The last thing you want to do is send cash, money orders or credit cards through the mail. They can be easily stolen.